Research data

To validate a research it is important to have all data available. This used to be difficult: the data often needed far too much space to be used in an article of book. And if the data was available in printed form it was not easy to use it. This situation has changed: it is now easy to publish files containing research data on the Internet and, using software, it is no problem to process this data.

At this site you will find research data. It covers calculated positions, intermediate results and often the source of the software that was used. Any publications related to these researches are published elsewhere which we will of course clarify.

Research Gillman

As a response to an article by Ken Gillman about the sequence of rising planets – published in Correlation vol. 29 no. 2, September 2014 – an attempt to verify the results has been undertaken by Jan Kampherbeek in cooperation with Hans van Oosterhout and Kees Jansen. The results of this research have been sent to Correlation in 2015 and have been published in Correlation Vol. 33 no. 1. In this research, we calculated heredity data from Gauquelin and we generated control groups. All data: the original Gauquelin files, the calculated positions, and the control group (including positions) are available on this site. This includes the analyses and the source of the software (written in Java), everything bundled into a zip file. For more information check the file read-this-first.txt in the zip-file. Download zip file.